Our Studio

We specialize in the creation and production of multimedia content (editorial, audiovisual and online) with an international fresh outlook. Our team of journalists, marketers, graphic designers, programmers and  videographers harness and integrate creativity and technology to convey powerful stories and connect countries and people through a wide range of media platforms and medias. See our portfolio.

Our extensive experience delivering and distributing multimedia content with the most prestigious international newspapers, magazines, online platforms and TV channels allowed us to consolidate longterm partnerships with some of the most quoted and most prestigious media brands around the world.  See our partners.

Our Vision & Values

We exist within an extraordinary culture of social and technological innovation and we draw inspiration and insight from these surroundings. We understand business as a social interaction where every party involved should benefit. We remain loyal to all of our business associates for their trust.

We strive to build highly imaginative content with the aim to create an impact on the public ’perceptions. We are “young at heart” and believe our work should not only help to increase our business and our clients business but also nourish our souls and stimulate our minds.

Key People

Marcelo Llaryora

Co-Founder & Project Director

Marcelo’s background is in fine arts and audio-visual production. He has worked over the past 20 years producing documentaries and editorial reports for the most renowned media companies around the world.
He’s passionate about traveling, videography and photography.

Blanca Barajas

Executive Producer

For over a decade Blanca has been travelling the world while bringing people together for investment,
financing purposes and raising the profile of certain key industry leaders looking to connect, network and communicate through the World’s most prominent media platforms.

Agnes Toth

Production & Camerawomen

Agnes is fortunate to experience extraordinary and diverse locations. She was working on travel documentaries, interviews and corporate videos. She takes great care to make presenters and interviewees look good. She is also responsible for logistics of the productions, organizing interviews, locations and shootings.

Sofia Araoz

Finance Director

Sofia has a master degree in business administration and is responsible for financial management, accounting, tax and company legal matters. She is a bit of a worrier and a warrior as well, always looking for the big picture.
A passionate reader.

Gerardo Hiraldo

Cameramen & editor

Gerardo is passionate about photography and moving images, always searching for the best light and great attention to the details.
He studied image and sound in RTVE Madrid. He has a great sense of humor indispensable for the job.

Alejandro Fernandez

Project Director

Alejandro has a Masters Degree in International Affairs and Cooperation for Development. He has managed a wide range of projects for non-profit organizations, an expert in International Relations and Political & Economic Affairs with vast experience in interviewing VIPs.