On the field analysis & in-depth interviews.

Viceversa media marbella editorial reports focused on a wide range of countries and topics

Viewpoints & analysis 

We produce and publish editorial reports focused on a wide range of countries and topics. Objectivity is often seen as the core value of journalism, as journalists and reporters we deliver the facts and convey the protagonists’ viewpoints, analysis and opinions. Our team is committed to independent journalism pointing to challenges and solutions and conveying the ideas of those people who make a difference through personal and up close interviews.

Each story we publish is distributed and designed to maximize its impact using some of the most influential newspapers and publications in the world.
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How we do it

Our multicultural team of investigative reporters, journalists and editors are spread around the world with the task of producing ground breaking and trustworthy reports. Our reports are made on the field, through in-depth research and interviews with the most relevant personalities and experts related to the topic or country in question.

All material and interviews are submitted to our editors who elaborate the most relevant information before a team of experienced writers put together the final piece. Finally, our in-house creative department will design the layout before distribution via leading publications.

We take care of the whole Production process

  • Choosing the relevance and the right timing for a given topic / country
  • Choosing the appropriate media partner for a given topic / country
  • Arranging logistics and travel for our reporters and producers
  • On the ground economic and political research
  • Interviewing most relevant personalities
  • Sponsorship
  • Photography
  • Editing and writing
  • Design, layout and typesetting