The power of audio-visual storytelling

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Audiovisual Production based in Marbella

We create dynamic motion pictures for some of the world’s most trustworthy TV networks, corporate clients and NGOs. Our combined backgrounds in journalism, filmmaking and marketing gives us a unique approach to storytelling that is grounded in quality, effectiveness and care for the topics and people we feature.
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Our Video Production services

Viceversa Media specialises in a wide range of video production services. From corporate to promotional, real estate videos to TV and documentaries.


We produce documentaries on a wide range of topics with special interest in countries and regions profiles, economic development, socio-political issues and tourism; stories that portray the reality behind the surface of news. We enjoy partnerships with some of the most influential TV channels. Our crew is experienced in producing on-the-field-researched footage, based on in-depth interviews with the most relevant personalities and experts.

Corporate and Promotional Videos

We create audio-visual content for all kinds of companies and institutions no matter their size or activity. We produce high-end corporate videos and tailor them to multiple platforms and devices. We adapt the language and formats of each project to the target audience and convey the message through the appropriate channels, events, promotional campaigns, webs or social media.

Real estate video production

Viceversa Media is a well-known real estate video production company in the Marbella region , and other parts of the Costa del Sol.

Hotel and Resort Videos

At Viceversa Media Video Production we offer video production services for hotels and resorts here in Spain and around the world. Our experienced team take care of every aspect of your hotel’s video production from the creative concept, scripting and storyboarding to casting, filming, and post-production.We have produced videos for a wide range of international hotels and luxury boutique properties. Please check some of  our productions for the Hospitality industry 

Audiovisual with a meaning

We use the moving image to document the world in its truest form, aiming to provoke further discussion among viewers, offering new perspectives and insights.
We are committed and determined to collaborate in the exposure of programs and initiatives taken by organizations working to help those who suffer around the world. Our team’s background and capabilities allow us to efficiently contribute to promoting greater visibility for NGOs and others that are implementing meaningful audiovisual projects.

We take care of the whole production process

  • Creation and development of the idea
  • Creation of narrative and technical scripts
  • Video Production planning and logistics
  • Casting and location
  • Filming, shooting and recording
  • Aerial shooting, steady-cam shooting and crane shooting
  • Editing and post-production of video, photography and audio
  • Graphic design and motion graphics
  • Management of music and image rights
  • Creation of original sound tracks
  • Translations
  • Voice over and leading voices
  • Web and Social Media exposure
  • TV exposure